Actions for Migrating Perspectives in European Media

It has been a year since the Re:framing Migrants in the European Media project took the first action to change the existence of media narratives about migrants and refugees around the European Countries. So far, the project gathered hundreds of people to create an environment where media experts can breathe in a new atmosphere where migrants and refugees are not the actors of the stories but the tellers.

The project Re:Framing Migrants in the European Media has brought together a group of media makers with a migrant background. Together they have developed tools and new forms of media that challenge inequalities in the media sphere.

Through the project partner’s help, several projects came out as a result of the intensive work sessions in the last twelve months. More of the outcomes will be coming in the next few months and will be shared on our blog page. In the meantime this project has a final event that will take place in Amsterdam, May 12, this year.  The final event of the Re:framing Migrants project will be held in Pakhis de Zwijger, at 7 pm local time.

During this final event, a broader group of international journalists, media makers and media-activists come together for the launch of the project’s magazine “SHIFT! Actions for Migrating Perspectives”. Join our community assembly, share experiences and initiatives in interactive breakout sessions, dance in a TikTok challenge, take part in ‘the anti-racist meme battle’ and learn from the hands-on experiences of the first decolonised newsroom.


The magazine was made in three weeks in Amsterdam, in a pop-up editorial event ‘Decolonised newsroom’ organised by Here to Support and Unbias the News, which enabled the content team to work in person. The editorial team consisted of members of communities in Europe, reflecting on their own approaches. It builds upon the network of Decolonising the Newsroom, a community event coordinated by ZEMOS98 and Conciencia Afro in Madrid in July 2022, and the research by Eticas.

The magazine is financially supported by Stiching Democratie en Media, European Cultural Foundation and the European Commission and will be distributed for free at the event on May 12.

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