Race and leadership in the news media 2023

The Reuters Institute analyses the percentage of people of colour in top editorial positions in a strategic sample of 100 major online and offline news outlets in five different markets across four continents: Brazil, Germany, South Africa, the United Kingdom (UK), and the United States (US).

In this research the Reuters Institute researchers find out who occupies top editorial positions in major news organisations to understand who are the decision makers that can have an influence on the newsrooms. The outlines of the research shows how news media can change the leader positions so the newsroom can be more diverse. 

The research is done by Dr Kirsten Eddy, Dr Amy Ross Arguedas, Mitali Mukherjee and Prof. Rasmus Kleis Nielsen

The researchers find out that overall, 23% of the 81 top editors across the 100 brands covered are people of colour, despite the fact that, on average, 44% of the general population across all five countries are people of colour. If we set aside South Africa and look at the four other countries covered, 11% of the top editors are people of colour, compared with, on average, 31% of the general population.

According to research, the racial and ethnic composition of newsroom management can affect diversity in hiring, retention, and promotion as well as in news content itself, influencing editorial decision-making and attention to stories and experiences that reflect the communities news organisations serve.

To access full research check the link here.