The UK’s Home Office delays are stopping families reuniting after the Türkiye earthquake

The immigration delays in the United Kingdom are causing difficulties to Britain’s Turkish and Kurdish residents whose families were affected by the earthquake that hit Türkiye and Syria in February that killed more than 60 thousand people. Turkish and Kurdish people in the UK are looking for ways to be with their families who experienced the disastrous earthquake two months ago. 

According to openDemocracy, Turkish and Kurdish people in Britain say they are unable to help loved ones affected by the Türkiye and Syria earthquake because of UK immigration delays. Hundreds of people are waiting to hear a response from the Home Office regarding their applications. An Alevi Kurdish musician Ali Sizer who spoke to openDemocracy said he can’t leave the country since his application took so long and he suffered front he long delays since he cannot see his children in Türkiye: “I have lost uncountable numbers of friends, comrades, relatives. I can’t describe my sorrow. My family is staying in a tent now and I feel so helpless about it.” 

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