‘The Europeans’ Wins Prestigious Civis Media Award 2023

Congratulations to Katz Laszlo and Mohamed Bah on winning the Civis Media Award 2023 in the Social Media category for their exceptional work on the podcast The Europeans in collaboration with Are We Europe. This award recognizes their significant contribution to fostering peaceful coexistence and social cohesion within the European migration community.

The Civis Media Award for Migration, Integration, and Cultural Diversity is a prestigious accolade presented by CIVIS, which acknowledges outstanding programs on radio, television, and the internet that emphasise the importance of integration and cultural diversity in Europe. The recognition from both the award committee and the audience through the CIVIS Cinema Award highlights the impact and relevance of the Social Media Format.

You can check Mohamed Bah’s post on his LinkedIn account, where he shares his thoughts and gratitude for this achievement. Mohamed is also a Podcast Host at the City Rights Radio.

We would also like to express our appreciation to Here to Support, one of the partners of Re:framing Migrants in the European Media, for their support throughout this remarkable journey. It is heartening to witness the growing presence of migrant and refugee voices in European media, thanks to projects like ours.

Once again congratulations to Katz Laszlo, Mohamed Bah, and the entire team behind “The Europeans” for this well-deserved recognition. Their dedication to promoting understanding, embracing diversity, and facilitating cultural dialogue is truly commendable, particularly in a time when such work faces challenges, especially within the European press. We applaud their outstanding efforts and eagerly anticipate their continued success. May the work of all participants in this field be honoured with many more awards in the future!