The Collaborative Incubator Toolkit is here!

Curated and produced by the Beyond the Now collective (in the context of Re-framing Migrants in the European Media), the Collaborative Incubator Toolkit is the result of a long-form conversation in which journalists, digital activists and socially-engaged artists draw on their own experiences of migration and forced displacement to inform their criticisms of the way migration is represented by legacy media.

The goal of the project has been to set up a transdisciplinary dialogue, with the potential to shed light on the ethical, aesthetic and practical questions raised by the dominant representations of migration. It explores how perspectives and practices might be shared in pursuit of new kinds o collaborative storytelling.

A key goal of the Collaborative Incubator has been to move beyond narrowly humanistic stories (often presented as individualistic morality tales) about migrants and community displacement; in so doing, to research, map and communicate a more interconnected, systemic story about displacement – one shaped by multiple points of entry across a complex ecosystem, featuring many actors, places, creative approaches, emotions, structures and sectors.

Download your copy here.