“It Is Time For Our Communities To Lead The Transition To Web3”

Words by Paloma Etienne

I am setting up Ashé, the first Web3 decentralised community (DAO) of NFT projects by BIPOC , LGBTQI+ diverse creatives and activists, and allies in Spain. I think it is time for our communities to lead the transition to Web3, and we now have a great opportunity to do this because it is not yet mainstream. Pioneering pays off, and diverse communities all around the world have understood that it is essential to be at the centre of technological revolutions as they happen, otherwise the new worlds get configured without us and we end up being discriminated against. 

Let me ask my GPT-3 bot about this:

Prompt: Why is it important that BIPOC,  LGBTQIA, disabled and diverse communities participate in Web3?

BIPOC, LGBTQIA, disabled, and diverse communities ought to participate in Web3 because these groups are traditionally marginalised and underrepresented in the digital space. By providing a platform for these groups to share their thoughts and perspectives, Web3 can create a more inclusive and equitable digital space. 

Additionally, this type of participation can lead to the development of innovative solutions to global challenges that may be overlooked if these communities are not given a voice. Finally, by creating a more diverse digital space, Web3 can help to break down the digital divide and provide new opportunities for these communities to participate in the global economy.

Hey, if the bot knows it, we know it even more!! Dao Ashé has been born to give the community access to the new artificial intelligence (AI) and blockchain technologies. We share information and learn by taking advantage of the decentralisation provided by Web3. It is very important for us to promote this DAO so that more people have access to it, and also to help us give visibility to our work. It is an international Dao, but we have started in Spanish, although we want to welcome people that speak other languages.

We are looking for people who have the ambition to be part of Web3: artists, activists, visionaries. If they so wish, they can participate in the collection of NFTs with the ASHÉ brand, and promote their work: literature, blogs, photography, campaigns, video art projects, cinema, expos, podcasts, you name it.

Yes, people are already joining in, and as with any new technology, we have to facilitate the transition. There is a learning curve to go from Web2 to Web3, but I want to ameliorate it by providing the group access to training, hackathon, arts residencies in Web3 and other avenues to enter this new revolutionary technology so that we can lead. We have to become leaders in it, our work and projects now have to become the templates of the future so we are heard and appreciated for our knowledge and vanguard ideas.

How will we work with NFTs?

The way in which we want to create our collection is multifold:

On the one hand, we will give visibility to our projects , so that the NFTs collection would be a token of appreciation and a way of following the progress of the project and supporting it.

And also, we will sell our digital artwork (video, film, design, music, IA, metaverse projects) and promote our work and collaborations with other artists and with our collectors.

The blockchain world is thirsty to hear from us, and there are multiple BIPOC and diverse DAOS and pioneering projects that are being created around the world that we can learn from: Lady Phoenix HER DAO LATAM, CryptoConexión NFTianguis, Cryptomúsica  Cryyptonikas Dao #NFTs4freedom NFTFilm Squad  JJBK Studio  BLCK Pixel  and so many more. 

We will have an event to present to the DAO Community in Espacio Afro, in Madrid, on the 17th of December from 12-15PM. Our message is Change your world. Jump into Web3. We have set up crowdfunding via NFTs to pay for the organisation of the event. It’s on http://voice.com/daoashe starting with 5€ It will be livestreamed and recorded. 

Don’t be fazed by the challenge! Come and join us at #DaoAshé 

My Twitter is http://twitter.com/ssplashh and my Instagram is http://instagram.com/paloma_etienne Web: http://linktree.com/paloma_etienne