Have You Listened The’Code Switch’ Podcast And Beyond

On our blog page, we aim to explore stories related to “Re:framing Migrants in the European Media” while addressing topics such as race, gender, ethnicity, identity, and equality as well. These complex topics can be challenging to navigate, especially for those belonging to minority groups.

During my search for platforms discussing these topics that are often absent from mainstream media, I came across “Code Switch,” an engaging podcast hosted by journalists from diverse backgrounds who understand the need for allies. The show fearlessly tackles topics ranging from the legacy of lynchings of African Americans in modern American life to covert forms of anti-Semitism in popular culture, approaching the subject of race with empathy and humor.

By listening to “Code Switch,” you can develop a better understanding of how society can impact your mental health and become more resilient against it. The podcast explores how race affects every aspect of society, including politics, pop culture, history, food, and more.

In conclusion, talking about race, gender, ethnicity, and identity can be challenging. However, with resources such as “Code Switch,” we can all become better equipped to navigate these complex topics. By listening to and engaging with diverse perspectives, we can learn and grow, making the world a better and more inclusive place. 

As a migrant journalist who believes in the power of communication, I do hope that we can produce several works like Code Switch in the European Media as well.