Currently Happening in Amsterdam: Decolonizing Newsroom

The Decolonizing Newsroom Team in Amsterdam

The two project partners of the Re:framing Migrants in the European Media project, Here to Support and Unbias the News organised the Decolonised Newsroom in Amsterdam. Editors, videomakers, journalists and designers came together to work in this newsroom on February 26.

Unbias the News and Here to Support shared a video of the Decolonizing Newsroom team on their Instagram account with a brief note: 

“Our team has had an intense week filled with conversations about what ‘decolonizing newsroom’ means to us, our values and practices to change the narrative and to amplify all storytellers.

We have been also working hard on doing interviews and collecting different newsrooms, podcasts and other media initiatives led by migrants, refugees and the diaspora within our community.”

The members of the newsroom are working on a publication for the Re:framing Migrants in the European Media project that will come out in the following weeks.While the Decolonizing Newsroom team is continuing to work, Liza Saris from Here to Support answered some of our questions. Liza Saris said that the newsroom program is still on and now they are in the design phase. The team has been in Amsterdam for ten days so far and they have worked together on the content but simultaneously discussing how a decolonized newsroom looks and works.

Liza Saris also said that they have reached out to many different people from Europe. 

“We were able to provide almost everyone who applied with either a position in the newsroom or a future collaboration! Most of the people working currently in the newsroom have been involved in the project before in a way. So, people who participated in Madrid, during an assembly or who are connected to a partner!”

The outcomes of the Decolonizing Newsroom will be on our blog page soon!