Award-Winning Podcast “Moslima” Challenges Stereotyping in Dutch Media

In a resounding victory, photographer Cigdem Yuksel and her colleague, Maartje Duin, were awarded the prestigious Dutch Director Skilled Award for Best Podcast Directing. Their podcast, titled “Moslima“, released last year, delves into the pervasive issue of stereotype imaging of Muslim women in the Dutch media. The recognition they received for their exceptional work highlights the importance of reframing narratives and promoting inclusivity in storytelling.

by Khalid Adakran

During an interview with Cigdem Yuksel, a prominent participant in the Re:framing Migrants in the European Media project and a speaker at the Community Assembly events held at Pakhuis de Zwijger on May 11 and 12, she shared insights about their award-winning podcast.

Cigdem Yuksel passionately explained the motivations behind “Moslima,” emphasising the need to change the existing system that perpetuates harmful stereotype images. The podcast aims to shed light on the individuals with power within the media industry, whose work inadvertently contributes to these stereotypes. By speaking with photographers, Muslim women, image editors, and experts, the podcast explores the historical context and origins of stereotype imaging of Muslim women in the media.

The podcast’s success brings immense joy to Cigdem Yuksel and Maartje Duin, primarily because the topic holds immense significance for media professionals, storytellers, filmmakers, and individuals working with images. They believe that everyone involved in crafting narratives should be cognizant of the power they possess when telling stories about people. The award serves as a testament to the exceptional work they have accomplished and validates their commitment to raising awareness of the impact of stereotypes.

Re:framing Migrants in the European Media

Beyond the specific focus on Muslim women, Cigdem Yuksel highlights the broader implications of reframing migrant representation in the media. Discussing these topics during the Re:framing Migrants in the European Media event in Madrid, they explored strategies for reframing imaging of marginalised communities. This includes challenging stereotypical imaging of disabled people, Black people, and other marginalised groups. The podcast serves as a medium to reach a wider audience and foster a greater understanding of the power held by storytellers and photographers in shaping narratives.

Cigdem Yuksel expresses her hope that winning this award will encourage more people to listen to the “Moslima” podcast and become aware of the detrimental effects of stereotypical imaging. By raising consciousness about the damage caused by stereotypes, the podcast contributes to a much-needed shift in the media landscape, promoting empathy, inclusivity, and understanding.

Cigdem Yuksel and Maartje Duin’s award-winning podcast, “Moslima”, stands as a powerful example of the impact that storytelling can have in reframing narratives and challenging stereotypes. Their success serves as a reminder of the importance of conscious storytelling, empowering individuals to recognise the responsibility they carry in shaping public opinion. Through their exceptional work, they inspire positive change and encourage a more inclusive portrayal of marginalised communities in the media.

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