What’s Up With – Reine?

Are you looking for an alternative podcast where you could specifically be informed about the topics which are covered by a female black host? What’s Up With – Reine? is a new podcast produced and hosted by Reine Elisabeth Nkiambote. A Congolese Belgian journalist and host-moderator based in Brussels. The podcast focuses on authentic and heartfelt conversations with people from all over the world.

by Editor

The particularity of the show is found in two aspects. First and foremost, the host’s ability to keep hard subjects light yet substantial during a conversation. Which makes the podcast enjoyable for any age group, regardless of cultural or social background as displayed on the very first episode. On What’s Up With – White People Adopting Black Children? This episode discovers the personal story of interviewee Uwera, a young woman adopted from Rwanda to Belgium. The talk between the two ladies reveals a descriptive human interest story that will leave you questioning several worldwide assumptions and practices. 

Secondly, there is the effortless incorporation of social topics that highlights commonly unknown facts in different domains. Such as the difference regarding insuline levels between diabetes patients that are caucasian white or from sub-Saharan African descent. In the second episode, What’s Up With – Repeat Health?, biohacking naturopath and orthomolecular hormone specialist, Marleen Verschroeven, shares her insights and analysis. Which in conclusion shows that there’s still a gap to be filled when it comes to health. Medicine and science is still being taught from a white caucasian perspective only. What’s Up With – Reine? doesn’t describe itself as a media outlet focused on diaspora inspired storylines. 

But it’s undeniable that the host reflects on the podcast topics from her own point of view and personal characteristics as a black woman. In comparison to mainstream media, this podcast takes you on a rollercoaster of facts, unapologetic laughter, tears and some sass. An innovative platform with an early display of great potential.