Here to Support is organising City Assemblies 2022 in six different cities around the Europe

As part of Re:framing Migrants in European Media project Here to Support is organising a series of City Assemblies in 6 different cities, Warsaw, Barcelona, Naples, Lampedusa, Berlin and Amsterdam between September – December 2022.

Each City Assembly will be organised in collaboration with a local host(s) connected to the local context of media framing of migration. Each local host supports and focuses on connecting the assemblies to the local struggles, practices and movements. The assemblies are small-scale one-day events targeted at grassroots organisations, journalists, activists and migrant communities in the city. 

During the assemblies we will gather examples of practices and (policy) recommendations about the framing of migration in media. The local context and the input will be presented during the closing conference in May 2023 in Pakhuis de Zwijger.

The assemblies are part of a wider strategy of mapping and collecting grassroots and community practices all over Europe related to media representation of migrants during the Re:framing project. 

The assemblies specifically will focus on local narratives, struggles, the already existing practices to overcome these, potential practices and possible recommendations to mainstream media, politicians and whoever needs to hear it. To hear more about the City Assemblies follow the Here to Support’s Instagram account.