Have you registered on Migrants Re:Framing yet?

My experience of the Migrants Re:Framing is new. I have recently signed up on the online platform. As a freelance journalist who has been abroad for some years now and is still trying to get her place in this field, it is always important for people like me to connect with other colleagues with the same stories. As you might agree with me, networking might have a huge impact on your career if you are in the media and press industries. Thanks to our project partners’ work, we now have a platform that productively is being used by a number of people where colleagues from different parts of the world can meet on this platform and exchange their knowledge to reframe migrants in the media. 

This platform is also an online space where actors struggling for appropriate media representations of migrants and refugee communities can meet, discuss, or share different kinds of resources. I believe we have lots of things to learn from each other. 

You might be interested in signing up in Migrants Re:Framing your work in any field of media with an inclusive approach. You may also want to connect with a thrilling community of media actors with a migrant background. In the Online Platform there are opportunities of collaboration with media peers, for relevant calls or job opportunities. The members are being updated about new projects, organisations, or networks for media inclusion.

Migrants Re:Framing aims to challenge inequalities in the media sphere at the European and national levels through networking, collaboration and spreading relevant creative tools to be freely used by media actors.

The open-source platform is hosted by the journalist network Hostwriter on HostWIRE, a global crowdsourcing tool used by 6000 journalists from all over the globe to connect and find journalism knowledge and resources.

We are also more than happy to share your stories on our blog. Please share your experience with us so we can connect. 

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