Anti-Racist Media Test

How many migrant journalists are there in newsrooms across Europe? What are their working conditions? How does the lack of diversity affect the way news are produced and spread?

These Anti-Racist Media Test assess both the working conditions of mainstream media journalists -especially those with a migrant background- and the way in which news and articles are portraying migrants in Europe.

You can download the high quality pictures

The Anti-Racist Media Tests were produced during Decolonizing the Newsroom, an event organised in Madrid, July 2022 as part of Re:Framing Migrants in the European Media.

The working group was facilitated by Moha Gerehou. The tests were developed by Osama Elsayad, Agnieszka Kwiatkowska, Alaaddine Azzouzi, Oumaima Abalhaj, Zuzanna Lewandowska and Hui-Hui Pan. The visuals were produced by Vivian Mule.